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Introduce Main Character (Forest Chase)

Scene Purpose:
-Show the main character’s personality traits

is awakened in the night after the fireside story, by Aroha. The room is almost pitch black, but there’s a halo of dim light around the embers of a fire inthe middle of the floor, and moon light shining in from the low door. Aroha tells Kō that some village boys snuck into her house and stole her Twist necklace.
Pressing a movement button will cause Kō to jump up from her mat on the floor.

The player can direct her outside–she has to crouch, because the ceiling is low, then she has to crawl through the door, which is only a couple feet tall, in the normal Māori style of building.

Once outside, the player is instructed to hit the “path” button, which will make Kimo show the correct path through the given level. Kimo speeds off, leaving a stream of sparklies for Kō to follow. They go into the forest, where Kō chases the boys through a movement tutorial area without enemies.

When Kō finally catches up to the boys, she grabs one by his scruff, but just then she’s interrupted by…

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